Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help investors?

We educate investors about our unique system of investing in real estate. We also provide access to private buying opportunities not available to the general public.

What types of properties can I invest in?

Our investors typically invest in single-family homes. These homes are in great shape, in nice neighborhoods, and priced below the national median.

Is this a long term investment?

Most of the deals we do last between 1-3 years. The length of the contract varies from deal to deal.

Do I have to choose any specific deal you send me?

Not at all. We will talk with you to learn what your investment goals are, and only send you deals which we believe will help you meet those goals. You are free to approve or turn down any deals you wish.

Can I invest in more than one property?

Absolutely! We can discuss your goals when you schedule a discovery meeting, and you are free to approve as many deals as you like.

How do you help agents?

When you bring your buyer turn-downs to us, we put them through our pre-qualification process. If they pre-qualify, we match them with one of our investors, and help save your deal. You earn the lion’s share of a commission you would have otherwise lost.

How can you help lenders?

When we pair a buyer turn-down, agent-represented or not, with one of our investors, you get the investor’s loan now, and the buyer’s loan once they are able to qualify for a traditional mortgage. That’s two loans for the price of one!